Weier – Energy since 1945

The company history

In 1945 Heinz Weier founded the "Heinz Weier Elektromotorenwerk" as a startup with three employees in Eutin. Eutin is a district town located in the middle of Holstein Switzerland eastern Schleswig-Holstein.

In the beginning repairing of electric motors was the challenge. Shortly after single piece production of three-phase and AC motors could be conducted. In 1948 the manufacturing area was increased to 60 m². At Riemannstraße 68 a total of ten employees are producing small batches.

In 1948 the production shifted to Steenbockstraße and increase to a 160 m² hall. From 1950 Weier started producing DC motors. In 1951 31 employees reached an annual output of 6,800 engines. Driven by success in 1953 the production area could be extended up to 400 m².

In 1960 Weier achieved an annual production of 30,000 electric motors.

While 1962 business flourished at a production area of 2,000 m² the team reached more than 100 employees and celebrated the completion of the 200,000th motor.

In 1983, company founder Heinz Weier retired and handed responsiblity over to three successors: business economist Georg Merchlowski, Dipl.Ing. Thomas Karck and Dipl.-Kfm. Hermann Oehme.

The extension of Weier product portfolio to generators was decided. At the beginning of the eighties, Weier began producing generators for wind turbines. Weier is one of the first companies building generators for wind as a prosptective and regenerative new kind of energy.

In 1988 a new factory building for Weier Elektromotorenwerk was opened in the industrial zone of Eutin. After completing of the new production facility an optimized utilisation of machines could be achieved. Two years later Weier noted a significant increase in sales and a further increase in its workforce.

The new development and construction of generators for wind turbines and cogeneration (CHPs) has been intensified. Especially production of wind power generators became the core competence of Weier. The company celebrated its 50th anniversary in 1995 keeping busy a workforce of 150 employees.

In 2000 the production for generators for wind power plants was enlarged to 6000 m² at Lübeck, Hafenstrasse. Generators from 600 kW to 3 MW were developed and built in Lübeck. The Eutin site focused on pitch drives, CHP generators as well as machines for special purpose.

In 2006 the Lübeck site has been taken over by Vestas. At Eutin site Dr. Ing. Asum and Dr. Burhorn newly founded Weier Antriebe und Energietechnik.

Since 2016 Jiangxi Special Electric Motor Co. Ltd is shareholder of the enterprise. The new business unit "escalator drives" is introduced to the market.

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