Philosophy at Weier

Our vision

The future of energy is clean and renewable. Weier has recognised that in an early stage. Already since more than 25 years we are working on making change happen. We are passionated in generating energy through wind, hydro, tidal power and biomass.

It is our goal to develop new, innovative solutions and systems. We are taking over responibility for our environment by supporting generation of clean energy whenever possible. This is our investment in the future applying locally and globally.

Our experience and highly sophisticated technology delivers technically and economically perfect aproaches. Excellent quality, and innovative solutions are the outcome.



Our quality claim

Aspiration for success at Weier is not only meeting customer requirements, but exceeding them. Weier works closely with customers especially during the development phase of new motors and generators. The products are tailormade machines and can be produced as single units or in serial production.

The Outstanding quality of our products and services is of utmost importance. Our employees are committing themselves to professionalism, hence personally feeling responsible for the overall excellent work results. In order to maintain this high level, we invest in apprenticeship, trainng and life long learning. Work processes are continually reviewd and optimized.

Valuing customers and partners

Seeing ourselves as service providers to our customers, we are developing first-class and cost effective solutions. We not only want to meet customer requirements but exceed them. For all business partners, whether customers, suppliers or service providers, we practice a culture of open communication.

Going for the best.

We are offering: learning about our customer requirements, the courage to follow new ideas, thinking out of the box. We do appreciate communicating agile and focused on solutions.

Our dealings with employees

Weier supports every employee with the opportunity to develop, to acquire higher qualifications and to take on more responsibility. The needs development of our employees are important to us. We believe in Teamwork. Employee Ideas, suggestions and constructive criticism. This is across all hierarchical levels.

Weier cultivates open communication internally and externally

We believe in open communications, be it as a business partner, employer or customer. We actively seek feedback so we may improve performance to our customers as well as the development and qualification of our committed employees.

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