Motors for all applications

Weier engines have proven themselves worldwide for decades under the most extreme conditions. Customers from a wide variety of industries rely on Weier's high-quality products tailored to their specific requirements. Our motors are used in the navy, aviation, electromobility, electrification of previously mechanical drives, low-floor vehicles, special machine construction, pharmaceutical and food industry, wind power etc.

  • Weier engines are always state-of-the-art
  • Latest software tools, editing processes are in use
  • Individual requirements are taken into consideration
  • Highest efficiencies are achieved
  • This allows optimally reduced power consumption
  • The long service life of the motors allows low operating costs

This is how you benefit as a customer

Technical portfolio

  • Services up to 1 MW
  • DC and AC versions
  • Mechanical converters (on a shaft)
  • Synchronous and asynchronous
  • Air cooled
  • Fluid cooled
  • Individual design and optimization regarding:
    • Efficiency
    • Starting current and starting torque
    • Special voltages, wide-range voltage
    • Multiple pole reversibility
    • Stray field properties
    • Magnetic field properties (largely non-magnetic)
    • Shock and vibration resistance
    • Noise emission (dBA)
    • Connection dimension
    • Protection class (up to IP 69k, sea-water resistant)
    • "Deep sea" applications
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