Calculation for customized design of the generators

You have special requirements for the generator or motor for your machines: If standard solutions are not suitable or not optimally suited, we develop individual variants for you. We calculate the electrical design of the generators for you.

Best possible efficiency

When it comes to the best capacity utilization and the maximum performance of the generators, our employees calculate a product optimized to your desired parameters:

  • speeds
  • voltage
  • higher efficiencies
  • or space optimized

Assembly space optimization

We calculate all variants of special solutions for you. The generator should be integrated an existing machine or concept? We create a solution for the existing space and adapt our generators to your existing parameters.

Calculation as a solitary service

Even if it is only a calculation without construction or production order, we are your partner.

Let us advise you about the possibilities.

We are the specialists to develop and produce your special solutions Contact us!