Maritime technology

Generators for all areas of maritime applications

Shipbuilding is the business segment with longest tradition at Weier. Since the Company was founded in 1945, Weier is building machines used civil and at international navies.

  • Submarines
  • Navy ships
  • Research vessels
  • Special ships
  • Mega yachts

Technical Portfolio

  • Power up to 1 MW
  • DC and AC applications
  • Mechanical transformer (on one shaft)
  • Synchronous and asynchronous machines
  • 1-bearing and 2-bearing designs
  • Air and fluid cooled
  • Individual design and optimization
  • Protection class (up to IP 69k, sea-water resistant)
  • "Deep sea" applications


  • Efficiency
  • Starting current and starting torque
  • Special voltages, wide range voltages
  • Multiple pol-reversibility
  • Stray field properties
  • Magnetic field properties (almost amagnetic)
  • Shock and vibration proof
  • Noise emission (dBA)
  • Mounting dimensions


  • Cos PHI
  • Starting current
  • Starting torque
  • Interfaces to the drive
  • Mounting dimensions

Motors and generators for special fields of application

One advantage of the Weier products is the consequent further development of engine properties for this special fields of application.

Due to our certification and quality assurance procedures, we are also able to meet all the extensive requirements for marine or other maritime applications, for example in the offshore sector.

Contact us when it comes to special maritime solutions, specific areas of application or special characteristics that are to be brought to the engines and generators. We are the specialists to develop and produce these special solutions.

In shipbuilding, Weier is at home

Many years of tradition combine with modern technology and our know-how to always develop and produce the most up to date requirements.

We are the specialists to develop and produce your special solutions Contact us!