Generators for hydro power plants from Weier

Almost 88% of renewable electricity is generated by hydroelectric power plants worldwide; Norway, for example, covers almost all of its electricity needs with hydro power. In terms of total energy consumption in Germany, hydro power contributes less than 1.6%.

In support of the nuclear phase-out, we are supporting the renaissance of locally operated hydro power plants with services ranging from a few hundred kW to 1.5 MW in low-voltage versions. For small hydroelectric power stations, Weier generators are available for power supply of industrial plants in the individual plant operation network or as an island solution.

We see growth opportunities and expansion potential in the use of hydro power primarily in the modernisation of existing plants, which were mostly built before 1960 and thus connected with the achievement of higher performance. The reactivation of decommissioned hydroelectric power stations also offers opportunities. These can be re-commissioned using modern technology and, in efficient operation, flank the energy turnaround towards renewable energies

With Weier generators and engines, your investments in hydropower are amortized quickly and effectively. We know that the free movement of the almost unlimited resource of hydro power is only noticeable when the proceeds of the electricity sold have covered the costs of the construction or renovation of the power plant. For this reason hydro power plants are designed for a long service life in order to be able to use this effect as long as possible. We take the bill because we build high-quality generators with the latest technology and with a long service life.

Rediscovering hydro power

We support the use of the resource water for energy production with especially high-performance generators, which are designed for a long service life.

You get generators and motors from us with particularly high efficiency, little maintenance and repair effort and considerably longer service life than with many other generators.

Why a generator of Weier?

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