Generators for wind turbines from Weier

Energy generation from wind power has been an integral part of the business at Weier for more than 35 years. Since the early days of wind power in the 1980s, we have been supplying a large number of renowned manufacturers of turbines with our generators.

Our wind generators are characterized by a particularly high degree of efficiency and longevity. We bring our experience and the development know-how into the continuous improvement of the generators. In the long term, alternatives to fossil fuels must be created. No matter whether as a partial compensation or as a replacement: No one is coming over to renewable energy processes. The focus on wind turbines does not come about: the energy production is extremely efficient, the plants require only a small area, low production times and are low maintenance.

Weier is convinced of the success of wind power and will continue to support this form of energy production through innovative products and systems. Based on the extensive experience, new products and systems have been developed for this market. PM Generators are the key to the success of future wind turbines, for example in the offshore sector. Weier generators are adapted to the particular and harsh environmental conditions and are very low-maintenance due to high quality and best workmanship.

In addition, performance and safety management as well as the network connection are realized in the system network.

Secure high power output with efficient wind generators

The energy turnaround has been decided and now the expansion of large power lines to the nationwide supply with all its advantages and disadvantages is dominated by the discussion. We know that decentralized energy generation through wind turbines is becoming increasingly important in order to ensure a power supply that is independent of large utility companies and land lines. Many businesses and home owners are increasingly interested in the idea of running one or more wind turbines themselves.

Weier contributes to this development with innovative products and the latest technology. With our product line of PM generators for a wide power and speed range, small wind turbines are more effective to operate.

Produce your electricity

Since the generators are individually adapted to the rotor characteristics of their systems as well as to the optimum working area of the control system, we increase the overall efficiency of the plant again considerably for the operators. We use the measurement data of your rotor in the wind tunnel or an aerodynamic calculation. See also graphic (click to enlarge)

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