Special engineering

In particular, this concerns the area:

In the business area of specialized machines, Weier is looking at decades of experience. Weier is well prepared offering in a wide range of special solutions.

Clean drive systems

The reduction of exhaust gases, especially in cities, is becoming more and more important. Battery-powered vehicles have taken on a new place here, as the possibility is offered, besides the energy recovery in braking processes also by means of small indirect acting gas units with mini generators outside the central region and to supplement the battery charge during rush hours.

If conventional DC motors have been used in the past, the power density and dynamics, compact dimensions, low weights and a good driving and acceleration torque without the disadvantages of brushes and low protection.

Weier develops water-cooled three-phase machines and frequency inverters for buses together with partners in New Zealand. This drive solution, which does not have a gearbox, combines excellent control over the bus with a dynamic approach and acceleration that is not achievable with conventional diesel drives.

In practice, a 3.5-fold nominal torque was achieved as a peak torque, which allows a operation up to approx. 80 km/h with a constant power range of 3.5-times rated speed. In order to reach the driving operation for much of the day via battery operation, these are charged in three ways: by energy recovery during braking operations, by recharging by means of a 10 kW diesel generator during the journey and by the nightly Charging cycle on the mains.

We at Weier have been manufacturing special machines according to customer requirements for decades and have also the know-how to accompany them in the complete process of development and construction. We provide solutions for individual production, small series or series-depending on requirements.

The product portfolio is constantly being expanded and includes, for example, special motors for ground compaction equipment and specialized engines for rail vehicles and handling machines.

The Product Area machine tool engines, especially torque motors, is continuously expanded to customer-bound.

  • Driving drives
  • Railway engineering
  • Vibration and roller table motors
  • Engines for rides
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